Thursday, September 1, 2016



SEPTEMBER...oh my goodness.

The past six months has been so busy, with mission teams coming and going, interns coming and going, things just keep changing in all kinds of areas. I best invest in some energy drinks, because the next three months are going to be even more hectic with holidays approaching.

Since our last journey my dear ministry partners and readers, we have been going nonstop with one project after another. 

One of which was when Laurie Moudy, AnnaKate Mullinex, and I began a face lift on the EHP's landscape, including a new EHP sign.
Josh Moudy continues the progress with the development and building of the AG program area.

Laurie, along with some help from Kerrie Estes and myself helped a family develop an in home baking business to help support two very handicapped children.  The mom learned just in time to make the daughters 15th Quiencineta cake, a very special day for little Carlita.

Our Milk Program is a BIG hit with the children.  Dos Pinos is the milk of choice, however last month the Dos Pinos Company was banned from Nicaragua, so we used a not so favorite brand.  But praise the Lord Dos Pinos is back, we now have our favorite tasty milk on the table.  Your monthly support is still needed to keep our Milk Program flowing smoothly. 

Our ministry in Buena Vista was a great success.  Jonah and the Giant Fish were received with great enthusiasm.  The best part was when the girls tried to throw Jonah out of the boat.  We either needed a smaller boat, or a smaller Jonah. 

We served over 80 meals this last month, cut, clued, and colored more whale pics for their craft than I care to remember, and simply played with the children.  Suddenly, all the hours you invested into the program became very humbling as you receive an unexpected heart warming HUG from a small child that just wanted to say thank you.  Its time to say goodbye, that's when you know everyone had a good time because no one wants to leave.

I would like to thank the
"Smile for Budgie"
organization for funding our new English Class Program.  EHP does its best to offer life changing opportunities through Jesus Christ, and a quality Education to all the children that come to us.  By offering English classes, the girls will learn a marketable skill to better assist them in finding gainful employment when ready to transition from EHP to society.

This month EHP kicks off a new youth program on Saturday evenings.  We are looking forward to many of our Christian friends, from different walks of life coming to share the gospel with the girls here at Emmanuel Home of Protection.  Sharing the love of Jesus and spending quality time with them is a win win situation. 

EHP is in the planning stages of raising funds, seeking financial supporters, to build a separate unit for our Mommy and Me Program, as well as expectant Moms.  This safe area will be specifically designed to accommodate and meet the needs of babies, moms, and expectant moms, separating them from the general population of EHP which has growing pains of its own.  Your prayers are appreciated as are your donations, as we seek God's will and direction for this urgent need.   

As you prepare for the end of the year, I ask you please, when making out your new budget for 2017 remember to include Missions.  If you didn't renew your monthly support last year come join this missionary journey.  Live in a responsive mode: discover and respond to the opportunities God has placed before you.  He is sovereign over ever aspect of your life, rest upon a foundation of trust and unfailing love.

Blessings dear ones, Our Journey will continue... 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Lo how I will begin our continued Missionary Journey in Nicaragua.

Managua, Nicaragua at night.

I am sorry for taking so long to update all of you on what God is doing here in Diriamba, and what all has been happening.

After completing my stay of two months, February and March, in my home State of Oklahoma, raising funds for this ministry, I began to prepare for my return to Nicaragua.  I was so ready to continue the projects I had left behind.  However, I was totally unaware of God's new plans for me.

First of all, before I left the States, I received a generous donation designated for the purchase of a commercial size refrigerator for Emmanuel Home of Protection, this was a much needed item for our kitchen.  What I didn't realize at the time, was God's plan for a "MILK PROGRAM".

 God works so mysteriously...small donations began to trickle in designated for the purchase of milk.  I stand in awe of how God moved to create a program for children to have milk to drink.  I did nothing but stand on the receiving end and enjoy the blessing for the children.

It took us from April to June to finally get the refrigerator released from customs, and then we straight to the market to buy MILK for the month of June.


The "MILK PROGRAM" is an ongoing project, your donations for the purchase of milk can be sent ($1.25 buys enough milk for four 8oz. servings) to, under missionaries; click on Landa Carnes, it will bring up my ministry site where you can click on the donation button.  Please be sure to designate your donation "MILK PROGRAM" or Ministry fund to be used where needed.

Our missionary journey here in Nicaragua is to work with rescued, horrifically abused or abandoned young girls from birth to 18 years.

 The programs we started last year are still going on.  We have small group Bible study once a week with thirteen young ladies ages 14 -17 dedicated to serving Christ in their community.

Our children's devotion time/English class meets twice a week, and we are still going to youth group services at our local church in Diriamba on Saturday's, with morning and evening services on Sunday.

The girls continue to reach out to sick children and their families in   the Jinotepe Hospital, they also minister to the moms of newborn babies.                      These are exciting times when you see a persons life touched with prayer, and their reaction as you hand them a faith track, along with juice, milk and a cookie.  Your heart melts as tears run down the face of a new mom that didn't have anything for her new baby, and you hand her a blanket and diaper.  The numbers may vary some from one visit to the other, but the outcome is the same, lives changed forever by the love of our Lord and Savior.
Living/Dinning Area


Scholarship Transition Apartment

House Painters??
  Our work here in Nica has changed a bit, with our newest  
  program being the Transition House Scholarship Program.
  We have reconstructed a portion of our home school
  building into a three bedroom apartment. The Transition 
  House apartment can house up to six young ladies.

  The Transition House Scholarship Program, provides an 
  opportunity for EHP High School graduates 18 years and
  older to learn to live independent lives, while obtaining
  an education, learning to care for a home, managing a
  budget, and achieving job placement, all while
  developing a stronger relationship with Jesus.

This year we have been able to also focus our attention on some families in our community with urgent needs.  A family of five, two of them severely handicapped, lived in a 100 square foot shanti with dirt floors, slats for walls and rusty tin for a roof, a very unhealthy situation for the handicapped children.  A mission team was able to build this family a new 200 square foot metal house with a cement floor.  The children are now able to use wheelchairs donated to them. We are in the process of helping this family start a small baking business out of their home to help with the cost of the children's medical needs.

I am excited to show you the picture of the kitchen addition we were able to have built for a single mom and her family.
No more cooking outside on an open fire in the heat and the rain.
For these two families, this was a miracle from God, an answer to many prayers.

The month of May was the last time we served at the La Purisima comedor.  God has blessed the comedor this past year with support from other mission teams, our journey at the comedor was now completed, but out our bonds with the elderly live on in our heart.  The Lord has a new direction for us, we now journey to a nearby village called Buena Vista.

Can I have 3rds
We have been sent to a very poor area to minister to between 50-60 children with unchurched families.  The children's physical and spiritual needs are great, so to say the least, the chicken and rice meal is a BIG hit.  The kids enjoyed the Bible story, the crafts, and the games, but they really like playing jump rope.  Our EHP group of young ladies are developing into quite the gospel sharing teachers as they share the love of Jesus.

the AG program is showing some beneficial progress with God providing a means to help support the needs of EHP.  New rabbit pens have been built for a birthing area, and to house more rabbits.  Our pig area is remarkable, with room for growth as we grow out our pigs for EHP and the pig market.  The Tilapia fish tanks are very impressive, growing hundreds of fish for the EHP dinner table.  I don't want to forget to mention our raised garden beds that will soon produce a harvest of beans, chiltoma, tomatoes, and whatever else Josh Moudy our AG director can fit in. 

You are all a part of this ministry.  Our partnership is what God is using to reach the lost, the hurting, and the sick.  The girls here in EHP are learning to minister to others needs, a healing process for their own pain.  You made this possible through your monthly financial gifts of support, THANK YOU.
God called has us all to serve, you sent me here to Nicaragua, together we are fulfilling the purpose of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Join our Missionary Journey in Nicaragua...

Tuesday, April 5, 2016




Dear Ministry Partners, Friends, and Family to a new year in our Missionary Journey together in Nicaragua.

It is so good to be back in Nicaragua, back with all my girls, babies and my little house.

Had such a rough start getting to the U.S., with the car accident and all that entailed.  But once I arrived the race was on, doing God's work.

I was able to be at the birth of my great grandson Ayvin, shared time with my great grand-daughter Alexis on her 13th Birthday, and attended church service on Easter Sunday with family, then we prepared a Nicaraguan feast.  Precious memories for a Nana.

Week after week God provided churches, small groups, women's groups where I could be a witness and speak about his work at Emmanuel Home of Protection and in the communities of Nicaragua.

I departed Nicaragua in the early morning January 29th, landing in Tulsa Saturday evening.  My first speaking engagement was on Tuesday morning.  The rest of that week was filled with tax preparation, dentist and optometrist visits, followed by medical doctors appointments which lead to a major surgery.

 Through God's merciful grace, surgery was on Monday, stayed overnight in the hospital, chose not to take pain drugs in order to be alert for driving and spoke again on Sunday morning.  God was my healer, he gave me the strength to not miss out on one of the speaking engagements, such a praise.

In Titus 3:1 it says; "Remind them to be submissive to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good work".  I was so ready.

Every week, while State side, I was speaking somewhere to someone, or volunteering in someway in my community, or I should say, God was speaking and working through me, until I departed March 29th. 

God's ministry here in Nicaragua was made possible by you in Ministry Partnership with your outpouring of sacrificial giving and prayers. This ministry is able to continue for another year, along with New Sponsor a Child at $35 per month Partners who have joined our missionary journey.  God's blessings I pray for all of you, THANK YOU for hearing the call and being obedient.

To recap our 2015 ministry; here at EHP our number one priority is providing a safe shelter, food, clothing, an education, medical attention, spiritual guidance and lots and lots of love to children rescued by the Ministries of Families (DHS).  These children are from birth to eighteen years of age that have been horrifically abused or abandoned.

Last year we began a Bible Study ministry on serving.  As Jesus began piercing the hearts of these young ladies, Christ led us to reach out to the homeless elderly.  Now this group serves once a month in Diriamba to feed these forgotten people.  We also do our best to provide medicine and clothing when possible.

These young girls with difficult life experiences of their own, have begun a healing process in their lives by serving others, loving on others, seeing the pain of others as they give an embrace or pray with the hurting.

We also go into a local hospital, visiting the sick children's ward, and the maternity ward.  So tender is the hearts of these young ladies, they so desire to bring a little joy to the sick with a cookie and some juice as they pray with them.

I just hit on the high lights of what God has us doing in Nica, so much more we do on the side lines that most people never hear about, but the lives that are being impacted by the kindness we extend will never be forgotten.  The people come to know by the time we leave this was an extension of the hand of Jesus Christ coming to their aid.

Upon my return from the U.S., God laid a Milk Program heavy on my heart for EHP, why the Lord waited  a year for this program I am unaware, but the time now is right and the need is great as children here drink mostly fruit juice or water. 

Our kitchen needs a commercial refrigerator to be able to store the much needed milk and cold food for the home. So God, being  who
God is, began providing funding for a Milk Program that had not even been started yet. Designated donation funds for a refrigerator began to arrive anonymously, this all happening before I left Oklahoma.  With the desire to fulfill God's plan, a thirty-eight cubic foot of refrigerator should arrive by May.  Now we pray God's favor continue in the monthly provision for boxed milk.  Hallelujah!!!

Recently, I was asked why we don't purchase a milk cow.  EHP must be good stewards with what the Lord provides financially and with cost of feed being so high, intense labor cost for milking at 3am, and then of course the labor involved to sanitize the milk being time consuming it is not cost effective to have a milk cow, but a really good reason to have a Milk Sponsored Program for our kids.

This year the initial plan for our time will be spent teaching two devotional classes, one English class, a craft class, working ten hours a week in administrative needs, continuing with our community outreach programs, assisting visiting short term mission teams, and seeing that our children stay involved in youth group, Sunday School and Worship service at our local church.

My dear friends, I share my heart with you today, I stand in need of pray as I seek God's direction in fulfilling his will and purpose for this ministry.  I can do nothing without you, nor can we accomplish anything without our Lord preparing the way and equipping us for the task.

Join me in surrendering our all, making a 100% deposit of our life in obedience to Christ's command to share the love and salvation story for eternal life with Jesus Christ, enriching His eternal kingdom.

Jesus said in John 17:24; "Father, I want those you have given me to be where I am, and to see my glory, the glory you have given me because you loved me before the creation of the world".

Is it not the greatest thing ever to know you are wanted and loved?

I look forward to our mission as our journey continues...

Special prayer needs:
New young ladies have arrived at the home, very troubled, depressed, drowning in darkness with life threating problems.  Jesus is the only answer, we need his wisdom, mercy and grace.

Saturday, November 14, 2015


Casares Fishing Village

"Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst."
John 4:13-14

COME...our Nicaragua missionary journey continues.

Emmanuel Home water tank 
 One rewarding experience I want to share with you is our new water tank.  A nearby community does not have access to water.  The people who live there must carry water for a great distance over a rough terrain.  God has made a way for Emmanuel Home to deliver fresh water two days a week, two times each day. 
Bring your buckets

enough water for all
By the grace of God life has been made a little bit easier for some precious people.  Our first day of water delivery was extremely hot and exhausting.  As we filled the last fifty gallon drum with the last drop of water in the tank, we let out a heavy sigh, when suddenly the bottom burst out of the drum and we were ankle deep in muddy water.  You had to laugh to keep from crying.  The lesson learned here; check the drum before filling.

serving good food

Praying for the sick
         Our outreach for feeding the elderly has grown    to twelve committed
 young ladies in our Bible study group.

loving the people

I thank God for the spiritual changes in the life of each one of these young ladies, for their love and compassion they have for the people.  The joy they bring when sharing the love of Christ is a awesome sight to behold. The girls work very hard preparing meals to feed the elderly homeless and without fear or embarrassment they also serve spiritual food and comfort. Seven souls were prayed with this God be the glory.

The welcome sign and scripture for the "Story Room" wall is complete.  Classes are going very well with Bible devotion, crafts and music.  Also included in our three day weekly curriculum is English.  I get so tickled when my students come running up to me to remind me we have class today at three, yes?  They are all smiles, YES!

street children
life of fishing in Casares
never been to school
I have met many children on the streets of Diriamba, and the surrounding fishing communities.  These children have never been given the opportunity to go to school, will most likely never attend an educational facility.  How my heart aches  for them, their lives destined to be beggars on the streets, God only knows what else they will endure. Just one of the reasons our ministry is needed here.

This month through your financial partnership we purchased food and clothing for a family that was  in urgent need.
 We also were able to purchase
needed school materials for the Canaan Christian
school nearby.
Lastly, I had the opportunity to purchase some used tires to help a man earn a living to support his family. 
Called by God, we are on this missionary journey together.  Every time I think of your partnership it brings joy to my heart, for without you, I would not be the missionary God placed in Diriamba, Nicaragua to spread his good news to people hungry for a change in their life.
Together, we see children rescued from horrific abuse, the hungry and sick fed and comforted, lives changed for the better with opportunity, but most importantly the salvation and promise of life eternal through Jesus Christ is given to them freely. 
If you are interested in becoming a partner in this ministry, you can go to the web site and click on missionaries, click on Landa Carnes and become a ministry partner working to increase the Kingdom of God.
Praying for each of you, our journey will continue...