Saturday, November 14, 2015


Casares Fishing Village

"Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst."
John 4:13-14

COME...our Nicaragua missionary journey continues.

Emmanuel Home water tank 
 One rewarding experience I want to share with you is our new water tank.  A nearby community does not have access to water.  The people who live there must carry water for a great distance over a rough terrain.  God has made a way for Emmanuel Home to deliver fresh water two days a week, two times each day. 
Bring your buckets

enough water for all
By the grace of God life has been made a little bit easier for some precious people.  Our first day of water delivery was extremely hot and exhausting.  As we filled the last fifty gallon drum with the last drop of water in the tank, we let out a heavy sigh, when suddenly the bottom burst out of the drum and we were ankle deep in muddy water.  You had to laugh to keep from crying.  The lesson learned here; check the drum before filling.

serving good food

Praying for the sick
         Our outreach for feeding the elderly has grown    to twelve committed
 young ladies in our Bible study group.

loving the people

I thank God for the spiritual changes in the life of each one of these young ladies, for their love and compassion they have for the people.  The joy they bring when sharing the love of Christ is a awesome sight to behold. The girls work very hard preparing meals to feed the elderly homeless and without fear or embarrassment they also serve spiritual food and comfort. Seven souls were prayed with this God be the glory.

The welcome sign and scripture for the "Story Room" wall is complete.  Classes are going very well with Bible devotion, crafts and music.  Also included in our three day weekly curriculum is English.  I get so tickled when my students come running up to me to remind me we have class today at three, yes?  They are all smiles, YES!

street children
life of fishing in Casares
never been to school
I have met many children on the streets of Diriamba, and the surrounding fishing communities.  These children have never been given the opportunity to go to school, will most likely never attend an educational facility.  How my heart aches  for them, their lives destined to be beggars on the streets, God only knows what else they will endure. Just one of the reasons our ministry is needed here.

This month through your financial partnership we purchased food and clothing for a family that was  in urgent need.
 We also were able to purchase
needed school materials for the Canaan Christian
school nearby.
Lastly, I had the opportunity to purchase some used tires to help a man earn a living to support his family. 
Called by God, we are on this missionary journey together.  Every time I think of your partnership it brings joy to my heart, for without you, I would not be the missionary God placed in Diriamba, Nicaragua to spread his good news to people hungry for a change in their life.
Together, we see children rescued from horrific abuse, the hungry and sick fed and comforted, lives changed for the better with opportunity, but most importantly the salvation and promise of life eternal through Jesus Christ is given to them freely. 
If you are interested in becoming a partner in this ministry, you can go to the web site and click on missionaries, click on Landa Carnes and become a ministry partner working to increase the Kingdom of God.
Praying for each of you, our journey will continue...

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Such a "Love Story" I have in my heart as I approach the completion of my first year in Nicaragua.  Soon I will return to the States to regroup, map out a new year, and do as many speaking engagements as possible to better inform all God's ministry partners of this mission.

While in Oklahoma, I hope to see the birth of my grandson Caleb's first child. How does one begin to explain the deep eternal love you have for a child you have never seen. 

Can you remember the joy you felt the first time you heard the heart beat of your unborn child or maybe it was your grand-child.  What about the first ultrasound photo you saw, did not your heart skip a beat as you fell madly in love with a shapeless figure on a piece of photo paper. A child who hasn't a clue who you are, nor understands the love you have for them.  But, you knew immediately that you would sacrifice your life for this new little life that has captured your heart.

No greater "Love Story" has ever been told than the Love Almighty God has for us.  I have a deeper understanding of God's Love-Light that never dims, his everlasting, unconditional love for his children before we were ever formed.  He loves us with an eternal love and sacrificed his life for that unfailing love.

If I can love a child I have never seen, how much more the Heavenly Father can love us whom he created.

                 we continue our missionary journey together.

Lots of first have been happening this month. The girls continue to attend Sunday school and youth group Bible study on Saturday evenings.  Seven beautiful you ladies celebrated their fifteenth birthday with a Quinceanos celebration.

 This was a very emotional time for them, as is their custom, it is a time of family and friends to celebrate their becoming a woman. 
What an honor it was to give the Invocation Prayer (in Spanish).
I am so grateful to have been a part in this memorable day. 

New birth, God's provision

New birth is all around us as the rain
New growth
continues to fall and all God's creation continues to grow.
Thanks to the Glenn Howell team
from Mississippi,
 we have our
"Story Room" completed.  Profe William is painting the ABC's  on the upper walls and a scripture
 "Study to show yourself approved".
                                                             2 Timothy 2:15

Ribbon cutting

    Ivannia, our director of Emmanuel Home of Protection, did the ribbon            cutting. We held our first class, and what better way to start than with
"Jesus teaches us how to pray"
Little hearts and hands eager to hear and see what is new.

Everybody wants to take the class

I have started introducing English phrases to our girls,
a new experience for us all, and they haven't realized yet, it's part of the class.


Our service at the "comedor "La Purisima" continued as we were blessed with a sponsor for another month.  We were able to serve meals to 57 people, hand out and read salvation tracks, and pray with the people.  This month we also had a donation of medicine from the BMDMI pharmacy in Managua.  GOD is so GOOD.

The girls compassion and outpouring of love deepens as they read to the people and prayed with them.  Jesus is working overtime in many ways on the hearts of people here, grooming his children's lives in his service.

As I see the sparkle in the eyes of the little ones listening to the stories I read them, as I look into the brightened eyes of the hungry elderly as I pass out food, as I stare into the tear stained faces of the fifteen year old longing for their family to love them and care about them, my heart begins to ache with pain for each one of them.

Then I realize, Jesus, it's not just another love story, this is truly how much you love us.
"For God so Love the world, He gave His only Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have eternal life." John 3:16

Pray for us in Nicaragua, ask God what he would have you do in this ministry here as a ministry partner.  Without your prayers, without your financial support we could not reach out and fulfill God's purpose.  Come, be a part of building the kingdom for Christ.

PS. I didn't tell you about the HUGH tarantula spider...not to worry, I could have fought like King David did Goliath, but chose to let Leslie put it down humanely.   :)

Our missionary journey continues.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


The Storm

"He stilled the storm to a whisper;
the waves of the sea were hushed." 
Psalm 107:29

COME...join me as we continue our missionary journey.
           As the storm raged through my body this past month and my grasp on life seemed to be slowly slipping away from me, I cried out to the Lord continually week after week, even though I made light of the seriousness of my condition, I had only one fear that I would be sent back to the States, possibly in a box.   

 My heart is broken Almighty God, I have failed you, your purpose for me here in Nicaragua is not complete.  I could not believe the words my ears were hearing, all the negative words came rushing out of my mouth, I have reached the end of my journey, Lord, I give up.
Wait! Just one cotton picken minute here, I'm no quitter, I am a fighter from way back.  Jesus, I am at a desperate place in my life right now, so this is my prayer:  tomorrow, I go back to the doctor, so either heal me completely, restore me to good health or I am going back to the States where I can get the expert medical attention I need.  Lord, the ball is now in your court, my life, my purpose is in your hands.
After praying that type of prayer, I honestly looked for lighting to strike me dead, how dare I speak to GOD in that tone. But His word kept me strong in my faith.  I basked in his LOVE-LIGHT and whispered "I TRUST YOU JESUS." 
My director Karl Brassfield, took me once again to the Pulmonologist Specialist.  She told him she feared I would be in the same weakened state or worse and was prepared to put in the hospital there in Managua so tubes could be placed in my lungs to drain them.  Instead, I was able to witness to the doctor that Dios me sano` (God healed me).  I believe in miracles, I believe God answers prayer.
 In August there was a pneumonia           epidemic in Nicaragua,
over 2,000 cases with seven deaths the week I returned to the doctor.  Once again I whispered
            "I TRUST YOU JESUS." 
           I remembered His promises. 

I have returned to work half days to give my body time to rebuild strength, and being cautious with a low immune system at present.
We now have two crawling babies,
 a fast growing infant,
and a toddler that has learned to say my name,
 many new girls and another twelve year old with a baby on the way.
The comedor La Purisima went well this past Saturday.  We fed 61 elderly and 22 To-Go meals.  Our young ladies were able to witness and pray with many of the elderly as we handed out salvation tracts.  The girls were bold in their young faith and approached each person without fear, sharing the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.
Once again we have received a donation of medicine for the elderly. I want to take this opportunity to thank Jack Ogden for all his effort and support of this ministry outreach in Diriamba.
A Construction mission team will arrive September 13th to work on the completion of the apartments.  So, soon and very soon I will have a "Story Room" in the new addition.  I will be offering devotions, story reading, painting, songs and more for the younger girls 12 and under.  I will also be teaching English classes several times a week in our new space.
God has blessed us in many areas on this journey, lots of changes have taken place in the home with better opportunities for the girls.  For some time now we have been attending worship services at the Baptist church in Diriamba, our girls will be able to attend Sunday School classes starting this week and Saturday Bible study with their piers in the community. 
This is a great opportunity for the children to enrich their spiritual education and build relationships with other believers.  What a glorious adventure we are on as ministry partners.
I want to leave you with these prayer request:
1. Ministry partners are needed in support of feeding the elderly street people and the purchase of needed medications for them.
2. Prayer for myself as I begin to teach English by speaking Spanish.
3. Emmanuel Home of Protection has many needs, at the moment mostly financial as most facilities of this caliber would have.  I ask that you prayerfully seek God's will for your mission giving.  May you bless Emmanuel Home as God has blessed you.
Emmanuel Home of Protection rescues young girls from extremely abusive situations offering them a safe home, food clothing, medical attention, education and spiritual guidance.  Your support will change the lives of many.
Thank you ministry partners for your sacrificial giving and prayer support. We work together to increase God's Kingdom.  
This missionary journey continues... 

Friday, August 14, 2015


"Who among the gods is like you, O Lord?
Who is like you---
majestic in holiness, awesome in glory,
working wonders?"
Exodus 15:11

COME...our missionary journey continues.

Since being ill for the past two weeks with pneumonia, I have had time to reflect on this mission journey, what is it God is desiring for us to do.

Here at Emanuel Home of Protection, we work at meeting the needs of rescued children from their unspeakable suffering, with the compassion and love of Jesus Christ.
In Diriamba, we have reached out to the lost, hungry elderly on the streets with the gospel message, food, clothing and medicine.
What are we missing? 

To be perfectly honest, I was fearful this journey may be coming to a close.  My health gave me a surprise jolt because I ignored the obvious.  Will this illness cause me to be sent back to the States?

I have been fighting some kind of bacteria in my system for a while now, (missionaries are not immune) but would not give into it, fearing if I ever go down I may not get back up.  Do other 65 year old people think this way, or is just me? 

Anyway, the bacteria finally took me down with pain in my left lung. I told myself, self, you blew it this time, you should have gone to the doctor a month ago.  My dear co-worker Anna Kate, got me in to see the doctor.  Thinking I was about to draw my last breath, I did not argue. 

Without much improvement the first week, my director Karl Brassfield, took me on a return doctors visit.  More blood work, x-rays, a change in medicine, rest are ordered.  Prayers went up from around the world, our merciful God heard them all.  Thank you with my whole heart each of you ministry partners, many friends and family alike for praying on my behalf.  I am seeing a light at the end of this tunnel, I am beginning to heal.

I prayed as well, asking God to please give me more time, Lord your work here is not complete and the workers are few, if it be your will Father, let me see this through.  He began answering this prayer by putting me to bed for rest and healing, and to spend some very quality time with Him in the scriptures and prayer.  God will get our attention, if we fail to listen.

As I sit in my chair, drinking in all the sounds of the girls doing homework on the veranda or playing soccer in the compound.  My heart yearns to be back in the midst of them. 

The cries of the babies for attention has me clued to the window, all the while wishing I could do something to soothe them (some of them have pneumonia also, prayers needed for them), but with only two workers for five babies and two disabled youngsters, needs have to be prioritized.  O God, your healing upon the babes.

Our monthly movie night was last Friday, I was able to get things started but did not get to participate, my bed called out to me. Their movie was "Princess Diaries", for whatever reason, the girls seem to think I am just like Princess Mia's grandma.  Go figure, it must be the love and compassion I show them, right?

All the children were doing so well with their physical therapy, I am praying a delay will not get any of them behind.   I could look at this as job security.

The boys will be crawling soon and Jaxson has a mouth full of teeth already, graham crackers and cheerios are his favorite treats, as they are for the rest of the  little ones.

The best way I can explain this lesson; " A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out.  In faithfulness he will being forth justice, Isaiah 43:3

Jesus will mend broken lives, the Holy Spirit intercedes on our behalf with word we cannot speak.  He sustains me.  It does not depend on my desire or effort, but on God's mercy.

When life is under Christ's rule and authority, they are restored to health, beauty, and freedom.

A hard lesson, but Lord, you have undivided attention.

Thank you Almighty God, for allowing me this time to bask in your presence and delight in savoring every blessing.  In you I have placed my faith and trust.  Join me as a ministry partner, Landa Carnes missionary to Nicaragua, God bless your sacrificial giving.

 " And surely I AM with you always, to the very end of the age."  Matthew 28:20

Our missionary journey will continue...

Thursday, August 6, 2015


His Magnificent Glory 
Hold to my hand as together we savor the pleasures and endure the difficulties we encounter.  Be still and know "I AM", let me bless you. 

"I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful in God my Savior.  The Sovereign Lord is my strength."  Habakkuk 3:18-19

Sometimes God has to allow me to get into a position where I truly need to listen to what he has to say, not just in passing. This journey of ministry is God's creation, not mine, designed by God, not me, for God's purpose, not mine.

So, why is it I continually think God needs my help.  I have it backwards, I am the one in need of his help.  It's not about my desire this, and my desire that.  Makes me wonder how God has time to do what he does.  The ministry we are doing together, ministry partners, is about being obedient to God's will, his desire for you and me.

Holy Spirit, continue to groom me, as I have much to learn.  Ministry Partners, blog followers,
God has only begun to pierce our hearts with His love for the Nicaraguan children and the needy elderly, we have come here to carry out God's plan, to fulfill His purpose.  Here I am Lord, send me.

COME...let us continue our missionary journey.

check out my new sling
Mission teams and more teams have come to Emanuel Home of Protection this month, what a great out pouring of blessings they have bestowed upon the home and the needs of the children. 

Christian men, women, youth and child alike, coming to share the love and compassion of Jesus with our kids.  For some team members, a life long bond is formed with the girls, for other members of the team well, they leave us to return home to their comforts and warm hearth, but their lives will never be the same, not after what they encounter here, and not after a child shares with them their story.

13 and a Mom
4 yrs. old doing her laundry
Tears stinging the cheeks of these children, as they tell you there has never been a person in their life to wrap their arms around them and say, I love you, everything will be alright, until I came to Hogar de Emanuel.  No, for these children it is abuse, that's the memories they carry. Victims, their childhood stolen from them. Our work is just beginning.

Then the teams come and bring laughter, hugs, and of course goodies, but most importantly they bring love. After a team has gone, I get to hear and see all that the children have gleaned from a team, I love it when the girls have learned a new English word, they put it to good use with Spanglish (Spanish/English).  Works pretty good too, their broken English, my rough Spanish. 

This month fourteen of our girls had completed their Christian study and received banner ribbon rewards.  A beautiful service was held, the pastor from San Grogorio church spoke.  And what would a celebration be without cake.
God is Good all the time, All the time God is Good 
  We had three new girls arrive this month, one is a newborn, our 15 year old Mom gave birth to a bouncing 8 lb. baby girl, Genesis. Mom had difficulties after birth and had to remain in the hospital, but all is well now praise God, he heard all the prayers of the saints.  Our other two girls are age 9 and 11 years old, beautiful young children.  We are truly thankful for them all.
Genesis born July 29th

This has been a trying month for sure, ups and downs.  I have learned to be a referee, nurse maid, and a tough guy bouncer, that nearly got herself bounced.  The challenges have been many, but not once did I ever think I was alone. 

As I walk with my Lord hand in hand, I feel safe, locked in his embrace, he will never let me go. Wherever this road takes us, it is a journey worth the travel.

a team after God's own heart

first meds arrive
The feeding of the elderly went so well last Saturday, the Lord truly blessed us with much needed food, supplies and medicine.  A new member of our team Erika, helped us prepare a delicious meal as
our girls cooked, served and cleaned.  One of our girls, (I took a photo) was talking with an older street women, when I noticed she began stroking the women's hair. Our girl did not even realize she was embracing and comforting the woman, she was loving her in spite of the dirt and smell.  Oh but if we could only get passed our bias, and reach the people like Jesus did. 

Love and Comfort
We have been able to get the meds ordered for the comedor to help aid these elderly people that cannot get medicine.  We are in deep need of sponsors or support in any amount to continue feeding and purchasing the medicine needed for elderly street people in Diriamba.  Please, join us as a ministry partner, I am here in service because you sent me, this is your ministry too, has Jesus pierced your heart, you pierced his hands.

I want to thank all those who were praying for me during my recent illness.  I had a nasty bacteria get into my left lung that caused some sever pain, but I am on the mend and should be able to return to my duties quickly.

I walk joyously with my Lord through this day, join me, become a ministry partner, keep God's work fresh in the minds of those seeking Him.

Our missionary journey will continue...

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


"My soul thirst for God, the living God." Psalm 42:2

   "Those who look to him are radiant." Psalm 34:5 we continue our missionary journey in Nicaragua.

This past week the Emanuel Home of Protection, a home for abused young girls, welcomed the Bowlegs FBC mission team to it's compound.  Two families, and their side kick, (Daniel, we love you) made up this team who came to share the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. They arrived with suitcases in hand meeting the urgent need for under garments for the girls in the home, as well as outer clothing and gifts for the girls of warmth and comfort you cannot put a price tag on.

The moment the team arrived they began their five day marathon to fulfill the purpose God had sent them here to do..

We started with a trip to the Mercado ( you know, my favorite place to shop) to purchase the supplies needed to feed the hungry elderly. The less fortunate elderly here in Diriamba have no other means for food, clothing or medicine other than begging on the streets. The team purchased extra rice for the comedor dinning hall, Daniel and Mickey, carried the 50 pound sacks of rice on their shoulders as we continued our search for pineapple at the Mercado.

Diriamba market

Back at the home, the team began to prepare the food for Thursdays lunch at the Comedor "La Purisima".  They did not have to work to hard, Lucia, their special cook and care giver during their stay, had already prepared much of the food needed for the comedor meal.

Great team effort
Day two of the marathon, we served 47 persons and gave away every grain of rice we had. The Lord was in our midst, as Oscar led one soul to Christ. We also, handed out faith tracts and coins with scriptures on them, a dear Christian brother had donated, and we gave away lots of hugs. 

exercise time

Prayer for the meal

A short trip to the coffee house, which they found refreshing,

then back to the mercado, for the team found out about another need the home had to find some much needed sweatshirts and tennis shoes.  Our staff at the home was so taken with this team, they asked to have a meeting with them.  Many tears were shed during the meeting by both the staff at Emanuel Home of Protection, and The Bowlegs team, as each gave thanks to the other for loving God and these girls.  We do send a Big THANK YOU Bowlegs for your kindness and sacrificial support.

Day three gave us time to get some work done, as Rodney repaired the door knob, fed Natalie, and oh, did I forget to mention the trips to the schools, either taking or picking up children.

Jessica and I were able to do the physical therapy on for the special needs girls, while Rodney, with the help of his son, did the interaction activities with special needs girls and fed them.  
Therapy for Reyna

I do better with the food in my mouth

This is the season for running noses, coughs, and cranky babies, so the team was kept busy soothing the crying little ones. Lots of holding and rocking going on for four days by the girls and guys on this team, we appreciate you all so much.
We were so blessed to have these young men sharing the love of Christ and setting the example of Godly men to our young girls.
Day four, and we are off to the beach for some sun and fun.  The waves were high and rough but that did not stop this team from showing the girls a great time of fun and fellowship, even our director got in on the fun.  Ivania had a wonderful time, they even got her to ride a horse on the beach.  It was a beautiful day with some beautiful people.
Day five, came to soon...our hearts are heavy to see the team leave for home, but rejoice in the knowing they will return should the Lord tarry another year.
Many lives were changed here in Nicaragua by a Godly team on fire for the Lord Jesus.
We may never know exactly who's life or when, where or how it changed, but God knows.
Thank you Holy Father for sending us your faithful.
Since their departure, another mission team, Norris Ferry, blessed us with ice cream, jewelry making, color pages and a great soccer game. Sorry Norris Ferry for your lose, the score, 10-4.  The Gringos did not stand a chance, we look forward to the next match.
God is moving here in Nica, we have had interest from State side churches and individuals that would like to help fund the feeding of the elderly street people and purchase medicine for them as well as desires to support the rescue of the girls being abused and brought to Emanuel Home of Protection.
Should God lay this outreach on your heart to shine brightly in a dark world, you can make your tax deductible donations to this ministry by going to web site.  You will find my name under the missionary section, just follow the prompts.
God bless your giving and thank you for your prayers as together we minister in the name of Jesus. 
Our Journey continues...