Thursday, January 29, 2015

Passport to Nicaragua

Here is a question I want you to think about...

What is the first thing you think of when looking at this picture?
                           Vacation -  Travel to Another Country -  $$$$

                                           How about Jesus is our PASSPORT to heaven?

           Now really, what did you think a Missionary was going to say?

Are you ready for this journey?       
                                                       Let's get started. 

          It is 3 A.M. and 44 degrees here in at the Tulsa International Airport, while it is a steamy 88 degrees in Managua.  Just picked up the boarding passes, checked-in three bags and the wheelchair for Reyna at Emmanuel Home. The Lord smiled on me today, the additional charge for extra baggage was only $390 (it should have been twice that since my whole life is in those three bags).

          Learned there is sickness in the Brassfield Missionary host family home, one is in the hospital, the other is sick at home. Thanks Dr. Staggs, for loading me up with preventative meds, looks like I will need them. Retuning home is not an option for me.  Pray for a healing miracle for Karl and Beth Brassfield and their six children.
          All has gone well today, flights on schedule, arriving Managua 12:20 P.M.  No problem with Customs, everything made it through. I can see Karl through the glass window, his BIG smile a dead give away he's happy to see me, as I am him.

          Good report, Brassfield family health is improving, THANK YOU JESUS. I really did not want to have use those suppositories already.  I will remain at the Brassfield home temporarily until the apartment is completed and the furnishings delivered.  Need a stove and refrigerator. 

          Beth and I were able to go to the Mega Botique (a goodwill type market with bales shipped from the States).  Reminded me of dumpster diving, but it was fun and we ran across some good buys.  Still need queen size set of sheets, queen mattress pad and some bath towels.

          Will go to Emmanuel Home tomorrow, meet all the new girls and love on the ones I have missed so much all these months.  Can't wait to deliver the quilts, Teddy Bears and the wheelchair to the girls.  It may work out that Natalie, who has outgrown her wheelchair, will fit the wheelchair I brought from the States, and Reyna would fit in Natalie's wheelchair.  I love how God answers prayer when you leave him in control.  I will also get to do some much needed work tomorrow at the Home and get reacquainted with the staff and my duties.
 I am so richly blessed by the fellowship with my Ministry Partners, thank you for your prayers.  Seeing what the Lord has done makes it all worth every struggle and hardship, I am stronger because of it.

                          THIS MISSION JOURNEY WILL CONTINUE...check back often.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


This site is a work in progress, you are cordially invited to become Ministry Partners with me, Landa Carnes, as we travel to Nicaragua.

Our journey will begin January 28th, as we leave Oklahoma and travel to Diriamba, Nicaragua as a Faith Based Missionary to the Emmanuel Home of Protection.

We will work with young girls that have been rescued from sex slavery, sex trafficking, prostitution and abuse. You will meet babies giving birth to babies as young as ten years old.

First hand, you will see God turn your obedience into the fulfillment of His purpose, you will see His mercy at work, your sacrificial financial giving and intercessory prayer being utilized to Glorify our Heavenly Father.

These children will be given shelter, food, clothing and love, they will receive a quality education and The Gospel Message of Jesus Christ.

So come...together we will journey out of our comfort zone to a virtual tour of God's work in Nicaragua.

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