Friday, February 27, 2015

Doctor Livingston I Presume?

Here's a question for you; ever been lost in the blackness of the jungle?

                 Come, join me in the adventure of,  "Move in Day at Diriamba, Nicaragua."

Jungle during the day

We have spent the last three weeks gathering like squirrels.  As in most cases, Missionaries arriving in a new country are not able to bring a loaded U-Haul hitched behind the SUV.  Oh no, remember the six suitcases and wheelchair at the airport? 

My friends, I wished I had taken a picture (camera was packed), we looked like the film "Grapes of Wrath", or for the younger generations, "The Beverly Hillbillies". 

Since arriving in Managua, I have been purchasing everything I could lay my hands or thought I might need in Diriamba, all of which is now tied down on top of the truck or the van.

Thirty-one kilometers later we make it to Diriamba all intact.  Now to unload into la casa.  "HOME SWEET HOME".  Hooray, inside plumbing, Oops!  Anyone have a bucket of water, we need to flush.
                                      (water line repair on the TO DO List)

                            Cabinets are on the list

Unpacking, Yuck!
                                                                                           La Casa, it is almost ready

                Cabinets are not in yet, so we leave everything on the floor. The ceiling will go in la casa tomorrow, and who needs HOT water in this heat, at least there is water, Oops!   Water Trickle!
                                                               (water line repair still on the list)

Time for sleep, what electricity.  BANG!  BANG!  You hear the first of many gunshot warnings as you run and hit your fourth wall or was it a door.  In the total blackness you see nothing, you only hear the police whistles, the guard dogs barking, and the flash of light coming from the guarda or CPF's flash lights as they search the parameters, all for your protection.

Prayer Quilt from NFBC
Custom design by your truly

You decide it is safer in bed, but every noise has you eyes darting, searching, but all you see is blackness.  You then realize you haven't an escape plan.  Your keen mind remembers the closet knob had a lock on the inside of the door, that's it, you will lock yourself in the closet.  Best idea ever, I just need to text the Brassfields (my boss at Emmanuel Home) so they will know where to find me.  Oops!  No internet, no phone service, no electricity.
                             (repair list steadily growing)

The night has past, Thank you GOD for the Beautiful Sun Shine this Morning! 

New Missionaries are arriving in Managua this week, 80 Mission Team Volunteers arrived last weekend, with two more teams arriving next week.  We are going to be busy in the Lord's work for sure.  I am looking forward to working with all God's children. 

I completed my first week of Spanish class, (Thank you Jesus) my teacher says I am doing well. (He just doesn't know me).  I was able to share my testimony, and will be able too attend church this Sunday at an all Spanish speaking worship service.  This is so exciting to worship with the nationals, and I get to arrive in a MOTO TAXI, yeehaa!  What more could a Missionary ask for!

My Limousine awaits!
Your prayers have been well received here as we continue to seek God for provision to minister, to feed, to clothe, to educate and protect these abused children in our care at the Emmanuel Home of Protection.  Also, continue to pray for God's favor for a vehicle for me.

This is where God has placed us my faithful Ministry Partners.  Your commitment to God's service will enrich his kingdom.  There is nothing this world could possibly offer that would ever take the place of God's blessings here in Nicaragua.

P.S. to the ladies at NFBC, the rice cooker works GREAT!

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Sorry for the inconvenience, but I know you will like the new system much better as we do.  We are now able to see your donations instantly in place of monthly.  Thank you all once again, you are in my prayers.  God's servant and yours.
                 More to share as God works his miracles here in Diriamba...Ya'll come back!


Friday, February 20, 2015

Nica Time

"Nica Time" ------- everything starts late, and your whining can't change it.
First thing a Missionary learns, be flexible.  Come, let's check out God's timing.

Diriamba Clock Tower
 North American Missionaries, Ken and Glennas Brassfield, did a two day Pastor's Evangelism Training in Matagalpa.  Twenty six Pastor's gathered from near and far to experience sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in their villages and to see growth in their churches.  On completion of training, the Pastor's went out into the community, putting into action the knowledge God had brought them.  Two lives were changed for eternity as they accepted Jesus Christ as Savior.
Hard to believe, the 28th of February, marks one month since arriving in Nicaragua.
Even more difficult to realize is that moving day is almost here, Diriamba is finally in sight.  Karl Brassfield and Josh Moudy moved some of the appliances and furnishings into la casa.  I was able to do some of the painting and clean up work, it still needs more.  Fingers crossed, maybe I will be able to move in this weekend.
Yesterday, we were able to purchase a bed in a little town called Masatepe.  However, when we arrived in Diriamba, we didn't have the same number of bed parts we started out with.  The search was now on for the missing bed part.  No luck, the back tracking we did was in vain. 
Pastor Steve, at First Baptist Church Manteca, had a saying, "The person who reaped what I lost (bed parts and more money) must have needed it more than me".  So, with that said, the carpenter in Masatepe will have a new bed part ready by Tuesday.
During my quiet time this morning, as I was unloading my heart full of questions on the Lord, He revealed His answer in the Word; "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.  Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers. Galatians 6:9-10

Emmanuel Home of Protection Worship Service
Monday, while several of us worked in the la casa, Karl, was at Emmanuel Home leading one of our new girls to Jesus Christ.  Sunday she said, had been her first time in a worship service and I want to know Jesus and be baptized.  I hope to share baptism photos with you soon..
Rejoice in the Lord, again I say Rejoice.
Special prayer request:
1.  I begin Language class next week, I need a strong mind and a good ear. 

2.  Nicaragua Family Ministries (DHS) requesting us to open a second home for girls.  Seeking God's will and financial provision.

3.  Mission Teams arriving soon, pray for good health, safe travel and saved souls.

4.  In need of transportation, God's will and provision.

5.  Fighting a good fight against Montezuma revenge, could use additional prayer for continued healing.
 6. Urgent need for clothing for Emmanuel Home of Protection children.  We have learned we can purchase bales of clothing shipped from the United States for $100 per bale of any one type of garment.  Pray for provision of funds.
To all my partner's in this ministry and to those who are being led to become partner's, Thank you and God bless your sacrificial giving and prayers.  Your continued donations are at work in Nicaragua.
Thank you Bowlegs Church, Oklahoma for your response to the children's needs of undergarments and you willingness to help further God's ministry.
Hear my prayer O Lord for the followers of this blog;
Father, anoint your children with wisdom and revelation so they know you better.  Send revival Almighty God, let it begin in these Ministry Partner's hearts. Set them on Spiritual fire, rekindle their bones, restore them, refresh them with the passionate first love they had for you.  Let their desire for you burn deep and satisfaction come only from serving you and loving others.
I am so blessed to have a relationship with each and everyone of you as we minister together for the Glory of God.  Should anyone following this blog desire to join us as a Ministry Partner, please note, it is easy to do online and is tax deductible, just use the donation tab at the bottom of this blog site or go to Missionary donation for Landa Carnes. 
We are called to serve.
What a marvelous journey Jesus has lead us on so far...this journey will continue.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Hay Mas Tiempo Que Vida

Hay mas tiempo que vida
(there is more time than life)

A bit puzzled today, just where do I restart our missionary journey.

Do I mention the earthquake, or the girls being able to go to the beach,
or about the wheelchair for Reyna.

Have I peaked your interest?

I lift my eyes to the hills----where does my help come from?  My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. Psalms 121:1-2
Therefore, since through God's mercy we have this ministry, we do not lose heart.
For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs
them all. 2 Corinthians 4:1, 17

A mission team from Georgia visited Emmanuel Home Saturday. Thank you Lord for sending this medical team, their outreach of medicine and Holy Bibles in Spanish, brought comfort to many Nicaraguans in need.

 We did a little rock n roll here in Managua this week. Not uncommon to have earthquakes here with volcanos dominating the landscape, then of course there is the Caribbean Sea on the East side of Nicaragua and the Pacific Ocean on the West side. Shifting ocean plates, equals earthquakes.


Thanks to the Tulsa Rotary Club , I was able to bring Reyna a wheelchair from the states, but was not able to locate a wheelchair for Natalie. As usual God was way ahead of me, turns out Reyna being of small stature fit into Natalie's child size wheelchair perfectly, while Natalie fit into Reyna's new wheelchair.  Both girls were helped, amazing how God works when he's the one in control.

School started today for Nicaraguan children. The girls at Emmanuel Home were taken to the beach yesterday for a back to school bash.  A great time was had by all, for some of the children a new experience. Sand, water, and sunshine makes for a great combination.

Cuisine for the day, Nicaraguan Taco's, filled with pollo, queso rolled in a tortilla and fried. Topped with shredded cabbage and vinegar. All for the low cost of 15 Cordoba's or $.60 U.S.
I could really get used to this food, YUM!

Rabbit stew

   Our next meal for the home is in this picture.

    Rabbit stew, fried rabbit, rabbit n dumplings.

This may take a little more getting used to.

We will be getting our missionary work orders soon, looking forward to getting my feet wet.
I will have more to tell you soon, but for now I must sign off, it is time to go to the embassy to apply for my visa.

To all my Ministry Partners please remember, Almighty God has sent US to do this ministry together, we have been called we must never give up.

I leave you with the following prayer request needs.

1. That all goes well with my visa application.
2.  The completion of my apartment happen soon.
3.  That God will provide a car for me since I have been informed I am not to use public transportation due to safety concerns.
4.  The children are in urgent need of panties, bras and camisoles. 

As God reveals himself, I pray each of you petition the Lord for direction, adjust your lives that God be first above all else, and seek his face with pure motives to Glorify our Lord.

Great and wondrous things are taking place here in Nicaragua and from what I am hearing
God is moving in your midst's as well.

LOOK FOR HIS COMING SOON and look for more of this blog.

Monday, February 2, 2015

New Life

        "Where One Life End's  Another Life Begins"
New Baby Boy

Newest Baby Boy

Emmanuel Home Of Protection Diriamba, Nicaragua
           There are times I just haven't the vocabulary needed to express what is going on around me, nor do I feel I can convey the heaviness in my heart.  Ever heard this saying?  "Where One Life Ends A New Life Begins."

           Returning to Emmanuel Home of Protection Saturday was sad for me, as so many of the girls I had come to love are no longer there. By the grace of God, some of the girls were reunited with family, and then some of them were adopted.  I realize this is suppose to be better for the girls, but it is still sad.  There are many new faces here at the home, new girls to love, but with them come the same kinds of problems.

           New life has come to Emmanuel Home, three new babies were born recently to eleven year old mothers. Two of the young girls have decided to keep their babies. This is where we as believers have been called to help train, and educate these young girls on how to be good mothers and provide a way for them to care for their babies.

            Lots of changes have taken place at Emmanuel Home, positive changes, resulting in a better atmosphere for the girls to grow and develop into productive young women.

            Emmanuel Home suffered a blow Saturday, Ninette, who just retired from being our school teacher this past summer, died of a massive heart attack Saturday afternoon.


Ms. Ninette, has gone home.
  Death has been swallowed up in VICTORY.
           Nicaraguan's, bury their dead in 24 hours.  Ninette's funeral was 10 A.M. Sunday morning. Some of the older girls at Emmanuel Home had been her students for a long time, so Brassfield family, the girls and I all went to the service together.

           Ninette's casket was kept over night at the home she shared with family. A small service was held in the living room for immediate family in tight quarters, while others of us stood outside.  From her home the casket is loaded into the back of a pick up truck as family and friends walk close behind the casket for the three mile funeral procession.  Everyone walks to the cemetery behind the casket out of respect. Upon reaching the cemetery the men then carried the casket the rest of the way on their shoulders to the grave site. When it was time they placed the casket in the above ground vault and began to seal the opening.  To say the least, this was a very emotional time for everyone.  Having never seen anything like this before it has left me with a mental image I will not soon forget.

           Wounded hearts celebrate Ninette's life as a Christian. We rejoice, because we will see her again in heaven.  A teacher loved and adored by her students almost as much as she loved and adored them. She leaves behind a legacy of well educated Nicaraguan children. Ninette will be sorely missed.

           Yes, this is just the fourth day of Missionary work in Nicaragua.  Pray for the children here and the workers. God has a plan for us, are you part of that plan? Did you answer when Christ laid Nicaragua on your heart. Be obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit, we need you as Ministry Partners, join us today.

                                              Blog to Continue----CHECK BACK OFTEN