Friday, February 27, 2015

Doctor Livingston I Presume?

Here's a question for you; ever been lost in the blackness of the jungle?

                 Come, join me in the adventure of,  "Move in Day at Diriamba, Nicaragua."

Jungle during the day

We have spent the last three weeks gathering like squirrels.  As in most cases, Missionaries arriving in a new country are not able to bring a loaded U-Haul hitched behind the SUV.  Oh no, remember the six suitcases and wheelchair at the airport? 

My friends, I wished I had taken a picture (camera was packed), we looked like the film "Grapes of Wrath", or for the younger generations, "The Beverly Hillbillies". 

Since arriving in Managua, I have been purchasing everything I could lay my hands or thought I might need in Diriamba, all of which is now tied down on top of the truck or the van.

Thirty-one kilometers later we make it to Diriamba all intact.  Now to unload into la casa.  "HOME SWEET HOME".  Hooray, inside plumbing, Oops!  Anyone have a bucket of water, we need to flush.
                                      (water line repair on the TO DO List)

                            Cabinets are on the list

Unpacking, Yuck!
                                                                                           La Casa, it is almost ready

                Cabinets are not in yet, so we leave everything on the floor. The ceiling will go in la casa tomorrow, and who needs HOT water in this heat, at least there is water, Oops!   Water Trickle!
                                                               (water line repair still on the list)

Time for sleep, what electricity.  BANG!  BANG!  You hear the first of many gunshot warnings as you run and hit your fourth wall or was it a door.  In the total blackness you see nothing, you only hear the police whistles, the guard dogs barking, and the flash of light coming from the guarda or CPF's flash lights as they search the parameters, all for your protection.

Prayer Quilt from NFBC
Custom design by your truly

You decide it is safer in bed, but every noise has you eyes darting, searching, but all you see is blackness.  You then realize you haven't an escape plan.  Your keen mind remembers the closet knob had a lock on the inside of the door, that's it, you will lock yourself in the closet.  Best idea ever, I just need to text the Brassfields (my boss at Emmanuel Home) so they will know where to find me.  Oops!  No internet, no phone service, no electricity.
                             (repair list steadily growing)

The night has past, Thank you GOD for the Beautiful Sun Shine this Morning! 

New Missionaries are arriving in Managua this week, 80 Mission Team Volunteers arrived last weekend, with two more teams arriving next week.  We are going to be busy in the Lord's work for sure.  I am looking forward to working with all God's children. 

I completed my first week of Spanish class, (Thank you Jesus) my teacher says I am doing well. (He just doesn't know me).  I was able to share my testimony, and will be able too attend church this Sunday at an all Spanish speaking worship service.  This is so exciting to worship with the nationals, and I get to arrive in a MOTO TAXI, yeehaa!  What more could a Missionary ask for!

My Limousine awaits!
Your prayers have been well received here as we continue to seek God for provision to minister, to feed, to clothe, to educate and protect these abused children in our care at the Emmanuel Home of Protection.  Also, continue to pray for God's favor for a vehicle for me.

This is where God has placed us my faithful Ministry Partners.  Your commitment to God's service will enrich his kingdom.  There is nothing this world could possibly offer that would ever take the place of God's blessings here in Nicaragua.

P.S. to the ladies at NFBC, the rice cooker works GREAT!

A quick note; donors who make recurring online gifts, a new system has just gone live to make your donations more visible to you for your records and security at Please email Carrie at CFOSTER@BMDMI.ORG once you have updated your account so she can cancel your old recurring gift site.  There will not be a double charge.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I know you will like the new system much better as we do.  We are now able to see your donations instantly in place of monthly.  Thank you all once again, you are in my prayers.  God's servant and yours.
                 More to share as God works his miracles here in Diriamba...Ya'll come back!



  1. Thank you, Landa, for your update. I love sharing with others. Just know that you and your mission are in our prayers daily

  2. Amazing blog read. It's great to see a specific prayer list for your needs there. La casa is coming along nicely!

  3. Hi, here is your link to watch your quilt ..... let me know if you can see it.

  4. Landa your home group meeting saying HI.....

    1. I am sorry that it is not clear.. I am not sure what happened.