Monday, February 2, 2015

New Life

        "Where One Life End's  Another Life Begins"
New Baby Boy

Newest Baby Boy

Emmanuel Home Of Protection Diriamba, Nicaragua
           There are times I just haven't the vocabulary needed to express what is going on around me, nor do I feel I can convey the heaviness in my heart.  Ever heard this saying?  "Where One Life Ends A New Life Begins."

           Returning to Emmanuel Home of Protection Saturday was sad for me, as so many of the girls I had come to love are no longer there. By the grace of God, some of the girls were reunited with family, and then some of them were adopted.  I realize this is suppose to be better for the girls, but it is still sad.  There are many new faces here at the home, new girls to love, but with them come the same kinds of problems.

           New life has come to Emmanuel Home, three new babies were born recently to eleven year old mothers. Two of the young girls have decided to keep their babies. This is where we as believers have been called to help train, and educate these young girls on how to be good mothers and provide a way for them to care for their babies.

            Lots of changes have taken place at Emmanuel Home, positive changes, resulting in a better atmosphere for the girls to grow and develop into productive young women.

            Emmanuel Home suffered a blow Saturday, Ninette, who just retired from being our school teacher this past summer, died of a massive heart attack Saturday afternoon.


Ms. Ninette, has gone home.
  Death has been swallowed up in VICTORY.
           Nicaraguan's, bury their dead in 24 hours.  Ninette's funeral was 10 A.M. Sunday morning. Some of the older girls at Emmanuel Home had been her students for a long time, so Brassfield family, the girls and I all went to the service together.

           Ninette's casket was kept over night at the home she shared with family. A small service was held in the living room for immediate family in tight quarters, while others of us stood outside.  From her home the casket is loaded into the back of a pick up truck as family and friends walk close behind the casket for the three mile funeral procession.  Everyone walks to the cemetery behind the casket out of respect. Upon reaching the cemetery the men then carried the casket the rest of the way on their shoulders to the grave site. When it was time they placed the casket in the above ground vault and began to seal the opening.  To say the least, this was a very emotional time for everyone.  Having never seen anything like this before it has left me with a mental image I will not soon forget.

           Wounded hearts celebrate Ninette's life as a Christian. We rejoice, because we will see her again in heaven.  A teacher loved and adored by her students almost as much as she loved and adored them. She leaves behind a legacy of well educated Nicaraguan children. Ninette will be sorely missed.

           Yes, this is just the fourth day of Missionary work in Nicaragua.  Pray for the children here and the workers. God has a plan for us, are you part of that plan? Did you answer when Christ laid Nicaragua on your heart. Be obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit, we need you as Ministry Partners, join us today.

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