Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hidden Treasure

                        COME, let us continue our missionary journey.

He created the rain

                I stand in the front doorway of my house, the electricity has just gone off, I look out across the landscape noticing lighting in the far distance. I begin to wonder of His mystery, Lord, could this be part of the meaning of your hidden treasure.  Am I hearing your voice in the gentleness of this misty rain as you impact the dry thirsty soil.

I love a good mystery and when there is hidden treasure so much the better, it causes me to want to dig deeper to find it.  There are many opportunities to find treasure, if we know where to look.

God reveals himself in everything around us, from the rain, sun, growth of the trees, relationships.  If we would but stop and search for the hidden treasure in each of us, observe what God is doing around us and through us.  This awareness is vital to our spiritual growth and the sharing of his message.

Our week here in Diriamba begins with more new arrivals.  The Nicaraguan Ministry of Families, has brought to Emanuel Home five more young girls and a sixteen month old baby girl.  These young girls have been rescued from situations you don't like to read about let alone write about.  For one young girl, her grandmother tells her, you were born to be sold into sex slavery as your mother before you, and me before your mother.  Now, stop your crying, go and do what the man tells you to do.  These and stories like this is the life from which the girls are being rescued.

The children are here with us now, where we can protect them, give them hope for something better.  We talk and share with these new arrivals, show them how much we care, love on them, laugh and cry with them.  Some will allow us to take their picture, others are withdrawn and want no part of what you are offering, believing it to be a trick, a lie.  We wait, give it some time, then go back and try again.

These children's lives are so twisted from what we as North Americans call the normal.  The new arrivals try to horde food, clothing, even a ragged small stuffed toy, anything to help them feel like they will survive this new trial in their life.

We do our best to touch the hearts of these little hidden treasures God
has placed in our care.  We encourage them, pray with them, but they have traveled such a rough road they do not trust easily. 

Now they face life altering choices that must be made, tough choices that should be made by adult minds not the young undeveloped minds of children. 

Choices of  why do I keep a baby I never wanted, because my body has carried it all these months, or do I give up this baby for adoption in hope of a better life for us both.  Choices of how do I stop trying to injure myself and end this horrible life, cutting myself will have to make it stop.  Choices of why do I need an education, I can sell my body or be sold, that is what we do here to survive.


The evil darkness has these children convinced they must live like this.  There are far too many young Nicaraguan girls being told this lie from the pits of hell.  We as believer's, in our Lord Jesus Christ, have a calling to help change the lives for these children. 

You are a follower of this blog, you are a ministry partner a prayer partner, all have been called by God to support His ministry He uses to reach the souls of the lost.

In Jesus Christ's name we have come to Nicaragua to make a difference in the lives of these children.  Join our ministry team, become a partner, a supporter to further God's message and add to his kingdom.

At the bottom of this page you can make your donation. 100% of you donation goes into God's ministry.  Seek His hidden treasure, it's all around you, embrace it, commune with Him reside in His presence.  If God has blessed you with much, share a portion to save these children. If God has blessed you with little , share a portion and see God do great and wondrous things with something as small as a mustard seed.

Your faithful giving is what keeps us on the path God has set before us.  We sing praises to God Almighty for answered prayer.  We are able to purchase clothing bales for the home with your sacrificial giving, we were able to pay the electric bill and purchase food, medicine as well as school material.  

Professions of faith, baptism, adoptions...all Hidden Treasure's!

                                        Our missionary journey is continued     

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