Friday, May 1, 2015

Hope...a Firm Assurance

Faith, Love and Hope, all Christian virtues...but Hope is our firm assurance.

COME, continue the Missionary Journey with me.

Life has a way of pulling the rug right out from under you, as you well know it is not all roses and sunshine, oh no, as Missionaries we come up against the darkness of evil on a daily basis. 

Could it be that is why the Holy Word of God says it so plainly; seek first His kingdom and His righteousness. Could it be made any clearer the importance to stay stead fast in prayer, seeking God to fill you with the knowledge of his will, asking for spiritual wisdom and understanding.  He is our strength and power that gives us the endurance and patience to carry on His great work.

The children here at Emanuel Home of protection have been rescued from one form of darkness, just as believers, we too were rescued from the darkness.  But for these young girls, thy have gone from the only life they have ever known into something very foreign to them. A new way to live; structure for their life, rules, and plenty of food. Then there is education, compassion, love from people they have never met and an introduction to Jesus Christ who can save them.  This new life would overwhelm the mentally strongest adult, so it only makes sense that it would frighten a child.

As the lights dim in the home for the night, heads are counted. But wait, you find the count to be short.  Where are the missing girls?  The search begins, they are not in the compound, they have run away. Then the phone rings, a nearby resident has spotted the runaway girls.  You go to collect them, bring them back into the arms of safety.  Now you have safely tucked them into bed and all is well, or is it?

A child will take abuse from it's parent never telling anyone about it. They will go hungry, even be sold into sex slavery, but that child will still yearn for the parent, or the family if removed from them. 

You try to explain to the child, all about the things we do here at Emanuel Home is for their protection, their health, to give them a brighter future, a chance at a better life.  Tears stream down their little faces, begging to go home to the abuser. Your heart breaks into a million pieces as you hug and hold them trying to give them the assurance of hope. 
Doing Laundry age 7 

14 year old Mom

How do you tell the child their parent is a criminal, or what do you say to the abandoned child, that their parents and family does not want them?  These children are tormented with the lack of understanding, so they react in the only way they know how, they lash out, some will use a razor blade from the smallest of plastic pencil sharpeners to cut themselves, others will refuse to eat, and some will physically try to fight you or the other children in the home.

extreme measures
Jesus, we know we need you, but these children need you now. The power of prayer and pray warriors such as you, has once again been called upon and our Lord has seen us through the evil attacks.  On going, the Lord reveals himself and his answers. We must adjust our lives, and our work, as we continue to serve in the call to Nicaragua.

The Lord has been so good to open a door for us to take the children to a Spanish church in Diriamba, what a blessing this has been.   Ministry Partners and blog followers, please remember these children in prayer, pray the Holy Spirit will reveal to them a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ and the true meaning of worship as believers with others in this new church.
Baptist Church Diriamba

We pack the house of the Lord

Great Worship Service

This week we had Glenn Howell's construction team from the Magee area of Mississippi. They came on one of the Hottest days on record, as well as no electricity, so forget the use of fans.  The team did a great job working on the transitional housing and the girls truly enjoyed the story time and the Hokie Pokie dance.
How many does it take to lay tile?
One doing the work, two supervising.

Hokie Pokie Dance

The rainy season showed up yesterday (thank the Lord) dropping the temperature gauge a few degrees.  We will have this weather until about November, then it's back to the dry season.

Teams will start arriving in mid May, so we will really be busy.  This is an exciting time, to see what all God is doing and has in store for us to do in the up coming months.  The planting of souls is being done, we look forward to the harvest.

This journey has just begun and will continue until His return, come be a part of his ministry...

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