Saturday, May 16, 2015


COME, join me as we continue our Missionary journey in Nicaragua.

8 years old M.T.

This smiling little face, having been rescued from the streets, arrived here at Emanuel Home of Protection a few days ago.  She is but one of the thousands of Nicaraguan street children, abandoned, alone, fighting to stay alive. I would like to tell you when she arrived she was welcomed with open arms by the children who live here, but that was not the case.

M.T., we will call her for her protection, was looked at by the other children as different.  The children would hit, fight and push her.  They wanted here gone from this place, the children said, she will never be accepted here. 

You can wash away the dirt, put on clean clothes, even brush the blackened grey decayed teeth and de-lice what hair she has, but that will not change what is in this little ones heart and mind as a way to survive.
prayer heals many wounds
It took several days, but after many conversations with the girls, a lot of prayer, the children began to warm up to M.T. as they remembered how it was for them when they first arrived at Emanuel.  Each girl has a different story of gross negligence on a child, stories that would cause the strongest of men to go weak in the knees. M.T. has an adult lifetime of this negligence in just eight short years.
M.T. does not like being indoors nor does she like sleeping in a bed.  These and other social skills are things she will come to appreciate as she is educated here at Emanuel.  With the help of Ministry Partners like you, M.T. has a chance to be the young woman God created her to be.
I rise with the sun each morning as well as the rooster outside my window. I find my joy in glorifying God in all things.  I ask for prayer, as this faith based ministry is seeking financial partners.  If you could but see the opportunity here to reach the souls of the lost, you would not hesitate a moment with your giving. 
 Jesus said, the poor will always be with you. James 1:27 says, to look after the widows and orphans.  Well, this widow is doing all she can, but needs your help.  Seek the Holy Father, ask him how he would have you to serve in this ministry.   There is no gift to small when it is given from the heart.  The widow gave her last two coins...she gave her all for the Lord.
Rejoice...95% I passed

This is one happy lady thanks to Holy Spirit bringing to my remembrance all the Spanish I have been studying.
I passed my test with a whopping 95%.
Now I get to go to classes only three days a week.  YEHAAAAA

This Missionary Journey will continue...

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