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"What I require of you is to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with me------wherever I lead."  A beautiful quote from Sarah Young's book, "Jesus Calling".

"For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."  Ephesians 2:10

                              THE ALMIGHTY GOD HAS CALLED US TO DO.
Since our last journey, I have had a birthday, taken in a roommate, and God has placed several more new children in Emanuel home. Also, I have started going into town during my free time, reaching out to the displaced elderly,  those who are hungry and unable to care for themselves. Lastly, I have been able to work with the mission teams coming to Diriamba to share the gospel with our girls and work on some much needed projects around the Emanuel compound.
Feliz Cumpleanos sung in Spanish

Another year older

I thought I was going to be able to keep my birthday quiet, that did not happen. Our monthly movie night became a pajama party, lots of sweets and fun had by all.  God has smiled on me, he sent me a young lady needing a home while she finishes her last year in high school.  She is a great companion and loves the Lord.

Great Roommate

 These past few weeks have been very productive ones. I began working with our babies, getting them to sit up, hold their bottles, and do responsive play. These little ones were developmentally delayed since having very young mother's. One of our five month old baby boys has cut two teeth, with two more on the way, so he wants to chew on everything.

See My Teeth
We have Zoie, an intern from Alabama with us for the next eight weeks.  She is very good with infants and toddlers, she has taught me so much in just one week. I will be able to implement this training into the daily activities of the babies.
WE Can Sit Up

I am s excited by the response of these little ones, they are rolling over, sitting up (with help), cooing and babbling.  Tears sting my eyes as I tell you this, these babies have come such a long way from where they began. 

Our special needs children, Natalie and Reyna, now play at a table designed to accommodate wheelchairs, this table was made possible by your sacrificial giving to this ministry.  Reyna, suffering from brain damage, is blind and deaf is starting to respond to touch, a great achievement. Natalie, suffers from M.S., she is responding and working her muscles.  This little girl does not have speech, but look out if you touch her things on her table, she let's you know to back off.
We love our table

Precious Gifts
There was an incident that sent our two month old baby girl to the hospital emergency, but God was with her, she was given a clean bill of health by the doctors and returned to Emanuel Home. Karl Brassfield our director and our asst. director Ivannia, were not satisfied with just good health for the baby, they immediately set new boundaries and limited access to a infant, toddler play room, creating a safer environment for babies and their mom's, with constant adult supervision. This was truly an answer to pray, allowing us to have an area to work with the younger children and special need children without interruption or safety concern.

A Whole Lot of  Special

One of the most heart wrenching rescues is a four year old child so badly injured with abuse her insides are damaged, possibly for life. Another young teen seven months pregnant.  These young children need your prayers, they need your support for protection. How is God leading you to serve him?

 This journey has been so rewarding, this week especially. Educating a twelve year old how to hold and cuddle her infant, breast feed her baby, talk to her baby, protect her baby, then looking into the eyes of that mom as she asks you for a paleta (lollipop).  You can't help but laugh and cry all at the same time as you pull out a paleta from your pocket.

Me and Mommy
My free time or at least what I call free time has been spent talking with the elderly on the streets, helping them where I can.  There is no state aid here, my wheels are turning on how we could help.  Tracts are important, but God sees the immediate need of these forgotten people.  Much prayer is needed for this area of God's will.

Plastic helps to keep off the Sun and Rain 

Feeding the Hungry
 This week we had another team here from Mississippi.  A great bunch of folks loving on the children and sharing the gospel. I pray God reveal to each one of them his will for their life and favor as they fulfill his purpose.

Devotion time with the Mississippi Mission Team
 I pray this same prayer for you as my ministry partners.  Our journey is mapped out for us by the Holy Spirit of God, I pray we are yielding vessels to the will of God.

Our missionary journey continues...ya'll come back soon.

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