Tuesday, July 21, 2015


"My soul thirst for God, the living God." Psalm 42:2

   "Those who look to him are radiant." Psalm 34:5

COME...as we continue our missionary journey in Nicaragua.

This past week the Emanuel Home of Protection, a home for abused young girls, welcomed the Bowlegs FBC mission team to it's compound.  Two families, and their side kick, (Daniel, we love you) made up this team who came to share the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. They arrived with suitcases in hand meeting the urgent need for under garments for the girls in the home, as well as outer clothing and gifts for the girls of warmth and comfort you cannot put a price tag on.

The moment the team arrived they began their five day marathon to fulfill the purpose God had sent them here to do..

We started with a trip to the Mercado ( you know, my favorite place to shop) to purchase the supplies needed to feed the hungry elderly. The less fortunate elderly here in Diriamba have no other means for food, clothing or medicine other than begging on the streets. The team purchased extra rice for the comedor dinning hall, Daniel and Mickey, carried the 50 pound sacks of rice on their shoulders as we continued our search for pineapple at the Mercado.

Diriamba market

Back at the home, the team began to prepare the food for Thursdays lunch at the Comedor "La Purisima".  They did not have to work to hard, Lucia, their special cook and care giver during their stay, had already prepared much of the food needed for the comedor meal.

Great team effort
Day two of the marathon, we served 47 persons and gave away every grain of rice we had. The Lord was in our midst, as Oscar led one soul to Christ. We also, handed out faith tracts and coins with scriptures on them, a dear Christian brother had donated, and we gave away lots of hugs. 

exercise time

Prayer for the meal

A short trip to the coffee house, which they found refreshing,

then back to the mercado, for the team found out about another need the home had to find some much needed sweatshirts and tennis shoes.  Our staff at the home was so taken with this team, they asked to have a meeting with them.  Many tears were shed during the meeting by both the staff at Emanuel Home of Protection, and The Bowlegs team, as each gave thanks to the other for loving God and these girls.  We do send a Big THANK YOU Bowlegs for your kindness and sacrificial support.

Day three gave us time to get some work done, as Rodney repaired the door knob, fed Natalie, and oh, did I forget to mention the trips to the schools, either taking or picking up children.

Jessica and I were able to do the physical therapy on for the special needs girls, while Rodney, with the help of his son, did the interaction activities with special needs girls and fed them.  
Therapy for Reyna

I do better with the food in my mouth

This is the season for running noses, coughs, and cranky babies, so the team was kept busy soothing the crying little ones. Lots of holding and rocking going on for four days by the girls and guys on this team, we appreciate you all so much.
We were so blessed to have these young men sharing the love of Christ and setting the example of Godly men to our young girls.
Day four, and we are off to the beach for some sun and fun.  The waves were high and rough but that did not stop this team from showing the girls a great time of fun and fellowship, even our director got in on the fun.  Ivania had a wonderful time, they even got her to ride a horse on the beach.  It was a beautiful day with some beautiful people.
Day five, came to soon...our hearts are heavy to see the team leave for home, but rejoice in the knowing they will return should the Lord tarry another year.
Many lives were changed here in Nicaragua by a Godly team on fire for the Lord Jesus.
We may never know exactly who's life or when, where or how it changed, but God knows.
Thank you Holy Father for sending us your faithful.
Since their departure, another mission team, Norris Ferry, blessed us with ice cream, jewelry making, color pages and a great soccer game. Sorry Norris Ferry for your lose, the score, 10-4.  The Gringos did not stand a chance, we look forward to the next match.
God is moving here in Nica, we have had interest from State side churches and individuals that would like to help fund the feeding of the elderly street people and purchase medicine for them as well as desires to support the rescue of the girls being abused and brought to Emanuel Home of Protection.
Should God lay this outreach on your heart to shine brightly in a dark world, you can make your tax deductible donations to this ministry by going to bmdmi.org web site.  You will find my name under the missionary section, just follow the prompts.
God bless your giving and thank you for your prayers as together we minister in the name of Jesus. 
Our Journey continues...

Saturday, July 4, 2015


      Steep is our Journey
We have journeyed a rugged, steep path recently, but our focus, trust remains on  the will of Jesus. Taste and see that the Lord is good.

          COME, let us see what awaits us on this journey.

Many of you, as ministry partners and prayer partners, know it was three years in the making for God to prepare me, groom me, equip me, convince me He had called me to go to Nicaragua.  At  sixty plus years of age, the doors of opportunity are not always readily available.  Which leads us to our journey this week.

My daily prayer, the burden on my heart these past three years, has been God make a way that I can teach the children at Emanuel Home of Protection the True love of Jesus Christ, His Love of service to others.  Jesus said, in Luke 12:35 "Be dressed and ready for service and keep your lamps burning."

In just two days time, God revealed himself in a spectacular way.

His perfect timing led Alex, a summer missions intern, and I to Diriamba. There we met a woman, by the name of Marcia, she manages a building used to treat the older generation for medical illnesses and feeding the hungry elderly. Two older Christian ladies volunteer, they help Marcia in her efforts to meet the needs of this forgotten generation.  These two ladies do it all, cleaning, cooking and serving.
Volunteers to serve
 We were given a tour of the building, the main room was welcoming, the sick room had three beds, no mattresses. I was shown an empty food pantry, as well as an empty pharmacy shelf.  Marcia said, there has not been much interest in care for the 3a edad (third generation) people.  Marcia, carries a list of names, many names, not counting the daily walk-ins needing food and medicine.

Volunteer Doctor
There is a medical doctor volunteering once a week to treat the sick, but she needs medicine.  Also, I met with the Emanuel Home staff regarding the girls of the home for this ministry, we were given clearance to go to Diriamba to feed and serve the hungry in body and spirit once a month. (Thank you Lord).

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank You ministry partners, your sacrificial giving to this ministry enabled me to purchase rice, beans, sugar and two sick bed mattresses for the Commodore House.  God, then led me to a person who can put me in touch with a pharmacy.  I am reaching out to those who have contact or access to medicines that could help these elderly people without any means for medicine. Please pray for God's favor that this door too will be opened.

In two days time God did all this, but there is more.

Committed To Christ Service

Alex and I met with nine girls at Emanuel Home, we offered them a way to serve
Christ, as well as give back to their community. We then asked, are you willing to sign a commitment contract.  All nine girls, signed the commitment contract to serve God in this ministry (Praise the Lord). 
WAIT, there's more.  A medical team returning to Managua, after serving for a week in a village, had treated and fed 1700 people, the team usually sees twice that many.  They heard about what God is doing with our ministry here and donated their extra rice and beans.

Was this HIS plan all along??

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says; "There is a time for everything , and a season for every activity under heaven." 

Preparing to Serve
Today we served...and the food was good too,        
 Arroz a la Valenciana.
The people could not get enough, they had helpings three and four times, but who's counting when your that hungry.  I could not hold back the tears when these little old men and women brought their tiny plastic bags and asked me to give them more rice.  We filled every bag we could find.

God richly blessed us all today, as we shared Christ in love and compassion.  The people shared their stories of survival and begging on the streets of Diriamba for food.  I wish you could have seen the big smiles on these old and tired faces, and felt their hugs as they left to go back out on the streets with FULL belly's.

Lord create in us  servants heart.

Fellowship in serving Jesus

Serving Jesus

Captivated audience, a street beggar's story

the hungry

 Trust that He will fully equip you for whatever awaits you on this journey.  Our journey continues...