Wednesday, September 9, 2015


The Storm

"He stilled the storm to a whisper;
the waves of the sea were hushed." 
Psalm 107:29

COME...join me as we continue our missionary journey.
           As the storm raged through my body this past month and my grasp on life seemed to be slowly slipping away from me, I cried out to the Lord continually week after week, even though I made light of the seriousness of my condition, I had only one fear that I would be sent back to the States, possibly in a box.   

 My heart is broken Almighty God, I have failed you, your purpose for me here in Nicaragua is not complete.  I could not believe the words my ears were hearing, all the negative words came rushing out of my mouth, I have reached the end of my journey, Lord, I give up.
Wait! Just one cotton picken minute here, I'm no quitter, I am a fighter from way back.  Jesus, I am at a desperate place in my life right now, so this is my prayer:  tomorrow, I go back to the doctor, so either heal me completely, restore me to good health or I am going back to the States where I can get the expert medical attention I need.  Lord, the ball is now in your court, my life, my purpose is in your hands.
After praying that type of prayer, I honestly looked for lighting to strike me dead, how dare I speak to GOD in that tone. But His word kept me strong in my faith.  I basked in his LOVE-LIGHT and whispered "I TRUST YOU JESUS." 
My director Karl Brassfield, took me once again to the Pulmonologist Specialist.  She told him she feared I would be in the same weakened state or worse and was prepared to put in the hospital there in Managua so tubes could be placed in my lungs to drain them.  Instead, I was able to witness to the doctor that Dios me sano` (God healed me).  I believe in miracles, I believe God answers prayer.
 In August there was a pneumonia           epidemic in Nicaragua,
over 2,000 cases with seven deaths the week I returned to the doctor.  Once again I whispered
            "I TRUST YOU JESUS." 
           I remembered His promises. 

I have returned to work half days to give my body time to rebuild strength, and being cautious with a low immune system at present.
We now have two crawling babies,
 a fast growing infant,
and a toddler that has learned to say my name,
 many new girls and another twelve year old with a baby on the way.
The comedor La Purisima went well this past Saturday.  We fed 61 elderly and 22 To-Go meals.  Our young ladies were able to witness and pray with many of the elderly as we handed out salvation tracts.  The girls were bold in their young faith and approached each person without fear, sharing the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.
Once again we have received a donation of medicine for the elderly. I want to take this opportunity to thank Jack Ogden for all his effort and support of this ministry outreach in Diriamba.
A Construction mission team will arrive September 13th to work on the completion of the apartments.  So, soon and very soon I will have a "Story Room" in the new addition.  I will be offering devotions, story reading, painting, songs and more for the younger girls 12 and under.  I will also be teaching English classes several times a week in our new space.
God has blessed us in many areas on this journey, lots of changes have taken place in the home with better opportunities for the girls.  For some time now we have been attending worship services at the Baptist church in Diriamba, our girls will be able to attend Sunday School classes starting this week and Saturday Bible study with their piers in the community. 
This is a great opportunity for the children to enrich their spiritual education and build relationships with other believers.  What a glorious adventure we are on as ministry partners.
I want to leave you with these prayer request:
1. Ministry partners are needed in support of feeding the elderly street people and the purchase of needed medications for them.
2. Prayer for myself as I begin to teach English by speaking Spanish.
3. Emmanuel Home of Protection has many needs, at the moment mostly financial as most facilities of this caliber would have.  I ask that you prayerfully seek God's will for your mission giving.  May you bless Emmanuel Home as God has blessed you.
Emmanuel Home of Protection rescues young girls from extremely abusive situations offering them a safe home, food clothing, medical attention, education and spiritual guidance.  Your support will change the lives of many.
Thank you ministry partners for your sacrificial giving and prayer support. We work together to increase God's Kingdom.  
This missionary journey continues... 

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