Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Such a "Love Story" I have in my heart as I approach the completion of my first year in Nicaragua.  Soon I will return to the States to regroup, map out a new year, and do as many speaking engagements as possible to better inform all God's ministry partners of this mission.

While in Oklahoma, I hope to see the birth of my grandson Caleb's first child. How does one begin to explain the deep eternal love you have for a child you have never seen. 

Can you remember the joy you felt the first time you heard the heart beat of your unborn child or maybe it was your grand-child.  What about the first ultrasound photo you saw, did not your heart skip a beat as you fell madly in love with a shapeless figure on a piece of photo paper. A child who hasn't a clue who you are, nor understands the love you have for them.  But, you knew immediately that you would sacrifice your life for this new little life that has captured your heart.

No greater "Love Story" has ever been told than the Love Almighty God has for us.  I have a deeper understanding of God's Love-Light that never dims, his everlasting, unconditional love for his children before we were ever formed.  He loves us with an eternal love and sacrificed his life for that unfailing love.

If I can love a child I have never seen, how much more the Heavenly Father can love us whom he created.

                 we continue our missionary journey together.

Lots of first have been happening this month. The girls continue to attend Sunday school and youth group Bible study on Saturday evenings.  Seven beautiful you ladies celebrated their fifteenth birthday with a Quinceanos celebration.

 This was a very emotional time for them, as is their custom, it is a time of family and friends to celebrate their becoming a woman. 
What an honor it was to give the Invocation Prayer (in Spanish).
I am so grateful to have been a part in this memorable day. 

New birth, God's provision

New birth is all around us as the rain
New growth
continues to fall and all God's creation continues to grow.
Thanks to the Glenn Howell team
from Mississippi,
 we have our
"Story Room" completed.  Profe William is painting the ABC's  on the upper walls and a scripture
 "Study to show yourself approved".
                                                             2 Timothy 2:15

Ribbon cutting

    Ivannia, our director of Emmanuel Home of Protection, did the ribbon            cutting. We held our first class, and what better way to start than with
"Jesus teaches us how to pray"
Little hearts and hands eager to hear and see what is new.

Everybody wants to take the class

I have started introducing English phrases to our girls,
a new experience for us all, and they haven't realized yet, it's part of the class.


Our service at the "comedor "La Purisima" continued as we were blessed with a sponsor for another month.  We were able to serve meals to 57 people, hand out and read salvation tracks, and pray with the people.  This month we also had a donation of medicine from the BMDMI pharmacy in Managua.  GOD is so GOOD.

The girls compassion and outpouring of love deepens as they read to the people and prayed with them.  Jesus is working overtime in many ways on the hearts of people here, grooming his children's lives in his service.

As I see the sparkle in the eyes of the little ones listening to the stories I read them, as I look into the brightened eyes of the hungry elderly as I pass out food, as I stare into the tear stained faces of the fifteen year old longing for their family to love them and care about them, my heart begins to ache with pain for each one of them.

Then I realize, Jesus, it's not just another love story, this is truly how much you love us.
"For God so Love the world, He gave His only Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have eternal life." John 3:16

Pray for us in Nicaragua, ask God what he would have you do in this ministry here as a ministry partner.  Without your prayers, without your financial support we could not reach out and fulfill God's purpose.  Come, be a part of building the kingdom for Christ.

PS. I didn't tell you about the HUGH tarantula spider...not to worry, I could have fought like King David did Goliath, but chose to let Leslie put it down humanely.   :)

Our missionary journey continues.

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