Thursday, September 1, 2016



SEPTEMBER...oh my goodness.

The past six months has been so busy, with mission teams coming and going, interns coming and going, things just keep changing in all kinds of areas. I best invest in some energy drinks, because the next three months are going to be even more hectic with holidays approaching.

Since our last journey my dear ministry partners and readers, we have been going nonstop with one project after another. 

One of which was when Laurie Moudy, AnnaKate Mullinex, and I began a face lift on the EHP's landscape, including a new EHP sign.
Josh Moudy continues the progress with the development and building of the AG program area.

Laurie, along with some help from Kerrie Estes and myself helped a family develop an in home baking business to help support two very handicapped children.  The mom learned just in time to make the daughters 15th Quiencineta cake, a very special day for little Carlita.

Our Milk Program is a BIG hit with the children.  Dos Pinos is the milk of choice, however last month the Dos Pinos Company was banned from Nicaragua, so we used a not so favorite brand.  But praise the Lord Dos Pinos is back, we now have our favorite tasty milk on the table.  Your monthly support is still needed to keep our Milk Program flowing smoothly. 

Our ministry in Buena Vista was a great success.  Jonah and the Giant Fish were received with great enthusiasm.  The best part was when the girls tried to throw Jonah out of the boat.  We either needed a smaller boat, or a smaller Jonah. 

We served over 80 meals this last month, cut, clued, and colored more whale pics for their craft than I care to remember, and simply played with the children.  Suddenly, all the hours you invested into the program became very humbling as you receive an unexpected heart warming HUG from a small child that just wanted to say thank you.  Its time to say goodbye, that's when you know everyone had a good time because no one wants to leave.

I would like to thank the
"Smile for Budgie"
organization for funding our new English Class Program.  EHP does its best to offer life changing opportunities through Jesus Christ, and a quality Education to all the children that come to us.  By offering English classes, the girls will learn a marketable skill to better assist them in finding gainful employment when ready to transition from EHP to society.

This month EHP kicks off a new youth program on Saturday evenings.  We are looking forward to many of our Christian friends, from different walks of life coming to share the gospel with the girls here at Emmanuel Home of Protection.  Sharing the love of Jesus and spending quality time with them is a win win situation. 

EHP is in the planning stages of raising funds, seeking financial supporters, to build a separate unit for our Mommy and Me Program, as well as expectant Moms.  This safe area will be specifically designed to accommodate and meet the needs of babies, moms, and expectant moms, separating them from the general population of EHP which has growing pains of its own.  Your prayers are appreciated as are your donations, as we seek God's will and direction for this urgent need.   

As you prepare for the end of the year, I ask you please, when making out your new budget for 2017 remember to include Missions.  If you didn't renew your monthly support last year come join this missionary journey.  Live in a responsive mode: discover and respond to the opportunities God has placed before you.  He is sovereign over ever aspect of your life, rest upon a foundation of trust and unfailing love.

Blessings dear ones, Our Journey will continue... 

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